About us

Our products are designed to deliver innovation and value, providing physicians and surgeons
with significant clinical and economic outcomes.

Upgrading the Health Industry with High Quality surgical equipment

Our Mission

To become the leading brand for electrosurgical solutions worldwide, bringing hallmarked German engineered equipment to revolutionise the health industry.

Our Vision

To provide quality products, specifically engineered to massively reduce clinical risk during surgery and providing life-changing surgical outcomes.

Our Values

To give our clients the chance to upgrade their workspaces by providing a first-rate service, acting with integrity and transparency and offering our fantastic products through a high quality, low cost service.

About the company

Surgica was established in 2008 by Waqas Akbar, whose background in supplying surgical instruments and equipment to healthcare providers was underpinned by the drive and ambition to showcase the best of German medical instrument engineering to a wider global market.

Using that expertise, he set up Surgica in Tuttlingen, a small town that is globally recognised as the world’s surgical instrument capital due to its production of 50% of the global surgical instrument market. This heritage and global reputation have allowed Surgica to harness the latest in craftsmanship and technical development in the industry to design and develop innovative, high quality products.


The emphasis has been on designing exceptional electrosurgical instruments that are synonymous with innovation, quality, precision and durability that ensure optimum performance.

Surgica’s portfolio of products is designed to deliver innovation and value, providing physicians and surgeons with significant clinical and economic outcomes that benefit patient care. They are certified to the latest demanding standards including ISO 9001:2018; ISO 13485:2016 and the European Medical Directive.


Having established a firm presence in the European medical market by providing a reliable, quality and VFM service for hospitals and surgical centres, the next step for Surgica is to showcase to the wider global healthcare market the best of German electrosurgical medical design and engineering.

Why buy Surgica?


Smoke evacuation instrument

Electrosurgery emits smoke, which creates toxic chemicals (carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide and methane), deadly for a operation situation. Surgical masks provide no proper protection or ventilation, so the problem must be tackled at the source. Surgica’s instruments include a wider aspiration channel than leading competitors, evacuating smoke with greater accuracy.


Non-stick surgical equipment

All product tips are coated in Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), reducing flaking at high temperatures, minimizing friction during incision and allowing for a ready-to-wipe surface. The tips reduce eschar build- up, lowering energy setting and saving money to the practitioner. Our tips are evenly coated to ensure consistent coagulation.


Rubber, not plastic

By switching the base material around switches from plastic to rubber, professionals are given a surer grip and easier access, whilst allowing dexterity and manoeuvrability.